Friday, July 27, 2018

They tell us our lives are woven into the fabric of reality.
Each moment and experience bound infinitely in the fleeting stitches in time.
The hopeful ensembles in our closets are quickly replaced with skeletons; some a better fit than others.
Even before our journey of life begins,
Fate and destiny design the shoes our feet will have to walk in….
Regardless the pain we may face to make them fit. 
As we go through each day, overcoming each blistering step
The world hits below the belt as a reminder that pain is a part of the outfit that is life
..a sharp truth we have to stomach.
Change comes at the drop of a hat and before the gravity of the situation sets in
We’re hot under the collar with confusion and a fighting to grasp on anything
That fits better than the truth.
Chaos and Peace stay mismatched.
Wolves in sheep clothing dedicated to succeed through ill schemes
As the docile sheep dream of the luscious greens.
On the other side some try the jump
Only to realize the fence cuts every life from a different cloth.
So we cut our coats according to size and strive to put feathers in the caps that fit.
We spend life living to work only to earn a living
We try not to burn holes in our pockets as the needs come at us off the cuff
So we sit tight and trust the seat of our pants praying we don’t come apart at the seams.
A few hide their silver spoons up their sleeves
But most without the privilege bear arms
B'cos the cards dealt only ensure failure and loss.
So success & pleasure lure our desires with a vibrant array of possibilities.
Men hold hopes of charming the pants off beautiful woman
But these sexy scheming sisters are only dressed to kill
In dresses that fit like gloves; to ensure no evidence of their own pretentious lust.
Men struggle to keep their shirts the women try new ventures on for size.
Dirty linen is aired in public as history repeats itself like hand me downs.
A journey of a 1000…. wait.I’m not in your shoe
So pull up your socks and continue to lick boots.
They already say I’m mad for parading in my birthday suit
But guess I feel better knowing I’m not u
Be Yourself.
The company I work for respect ur #hustle

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