Monday, May 22, 2017


Small to medium sized business entities in Ghana over the last decade have sprouted all across dealing in assorted goods and providing essential services to a ready and high consuming demand base. These SMBs, many of which are indigenously owned and operated by local expertise have made positive inroads and contributed immensely to economic growth, culminating into the creation of jobs and wealth among other gains. Various government interventions via feasible and workable policies at strengthening that sector of the economy have been implemented. Private sector participation though employed to a certain degree has not yielded the full effect desired to match internationally accepted standards.It is to this end that, Ghanaians living abroad have added their voice to help move products and services of Ghanaian origin to the West in a bid to establish these SMBs internationally and to an extent close the import / export gap which exists between Ghana and the international market. GUBA AWARDS, a scheme set up to award the works of Ghanaians living in the UK and those who have moved back from the UK to start up businesses which are thriving here in Ghana has added another new and innovative way of marketing through an exhibition of Ghanaian products and services which meet international standards. GUBAEXPO2014 as the exhibition is dubbed, will not only provide a platform for showcasing Ghanaian made products/services but will also afford these exhibitors the opportunity to learn, through a seminar on branding and product positioning and the effective use of social media as tool to marketing and selling their products/services among allied topics.

A-cote Collections, an indigenous Ghanaian business entity and a strong believer of African/ Ghanaian creativity and vision will be one of the participants at this year’s GUBAEXPO2014 in the United Kingdom. A-cote collections will unveil its new line of designs ranging from suits, shirts and ties to pocket squares and handkerchiefs all made from African prints. Also, our hand-woven caftans with those intricately embroidered designs that have been our mainstay will obviously be on show. We at A-cote Collections will not only come to GUBAEXPO to exhibit our clothes and designs but to tap into the recommendations of the resource persons at the seminar and to use it back home here in Ghana to reach out to the international community as a whole. Riding on the back of social media essentially to reach this far, it will only afford us yet another opportunity to further push our products to the world at large.We look forward to a successful GUBAEXPO each year and wish all other exhibitors a jolly good time!Á-Côté Collections

David Opoku-Mensah

Nii Ayite Okyne (manste)




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